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Frequently Asked Questions

Custom & Personalized Orders

Allow 3-4 weeks for embroidery. NO exceptions
Please leave embroidery notes at checkout
Your order MUST have correct information in the notes to seller
Thread Color
Size with Initials(in correct order)

if there are additions or corrections you will receive an additional invoice, I cannot make changes to the original order, I can only see the information you add to the order. a message is not a change. I do not see any messages on an order

If we have discussed a specific date you MUST include the date in the order.. I do not see our messages.

When will my order ship?

Orders not customized ship within 2-5 business days.

Customized orders ship with in 3-4 weeks. 

A tracking number will be sent upon shipment.  

Whats up with business days?

We try REALLY hard to have a life outside our eCom stores - meaning we try to work just Monday-Friday so we can spend time with our family. For our sanity we have chosen to follow the schedule of the rest of the US (our suppliers, shippers, etc) follows.

Business days are:
* Monday through Friday

Non-business days are:
* US Federal Holidays
* Days of work missed because of "Acts of God". Hurricanes come through here on the east coast of VA. If we have to leave because of a hurricane (or some other reason) we will do so. We know your purchase is important but it's not that important if our lives are in danger and we've been ordered to evacuate.

Your product just went on sale....can you honor the current sale price for what I purchased last week/month/year?

The short answer is no.

The long answer is we are always adjusting our prices based on demand/capacity, raw material costs, competition and trends in the marketplace. Because we purchase our materials at commodity level rates, our cost to produce signs fluctuate and to stay in business we have to reflect those changes in our retail prices. And because of this we cannot honor retroactive refund requests if you may have paid more a few prior for your order.

What if my order is wrong? or missing something? Now what?

Please examine your order immediately! If we made a mistake on your order, please contact us within 2 days of the delivery date - We will gladly correct our mistake. If you notify use after 2 days, we have the right to refuse any exchange or refund.

Oops! I ordered the wrong size - Can I exchange?

You must notify us with 2 days of delivery.
You must purchase the new size. We will refund the original upon receipt of exchanged item. Refund is subject to a 20% up to 50% restock fee.

Uh-oh! My robe is damaged - and I need replacement now!

We ship hundreds of robes weekly and unfortunately, it happens. In the event that you receive a damaged robe we will most definitely replace it for free. However, we will only ship your robe in the same shipping timeline you paid for originally. We know you need it now! If you would like us to overnight you a replacement we will be happy to do so but you will need to pay the difference between the overnight charge and your original shipping charge.